Some time ago, Apple surprised us with the announcement of iOS 9.3 The newest version of the operating system for iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch would bring major updates for iPad in education. Now that iOS 9.3 is out there, we can start testing and using these new amazing features.

Today the first: Classroom. This is a new iPad app to facilitate a teacher’s classroom management. A teacher can see all the students that are attending his lesson. These are things a teacher can do with the app:

  • He can see what a student is doing on his device.Schermafbeelding 2016-04-02 om 22.42.03
  • He can launch apps, books or web pages on some or all the devices in his classroom.
  • These apps, books and web pages can be blocked. Students can not do anything else than use these.
  • He can lock devices to ask for attention.
  • He can show a student’s device on an Apple TV with AirPlay.

In combination with the new ‘Shared iPad’ and ‘Managed Apple ID’s’ feature, a teacher can also do this:

  • He can assign devices to students
  • He can reset a student’s passcode
  • Hij can check out a student on the iPad.

You can not configure the Classroom app yourself. The administrator of a MDM-server has to do this for you. In my school we use ZuluDesk. Classes that are created and assigned to teachers in ZuluDesk will show up on the device assigned to a teacher. Students that are assigned to classes and are assigned a supervised device will automatically be present in the teacher’s Classroom app.

Read all about the Classroom app here.

First Steps with Apple Classroom

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